Mass Karaoke

Busy day today. The electricians and the gardener actually turned up (long story), so I’m making many things happen with their assistance. And my bum hurts. Not my legs, not anything else. Just my bum.
Still on a high from last night though.

OK, so if you didn’t click through, that looks really dodgy. But I played football for the first time in over a year and it was great. Glutes, though. Eina.

Anyway, as I said, busy day, so here’s The Pub Choir from Australia singing Kate Bush.

What happens when 1600 strangers have a few drinks, then learn to sing Running Up That Hill in 3 part harmony?

This happens:

Just really nice, the sort of nice that only comes when people are just having a really good time. Sure yes, I know that this is one of those songs that’s come to the fore again because of Stranger Things. And here’s another one of them, but this time with full attribution:

Eddie Munson 4 Ever.