Day 95 – Concert shock

On Friday evening, I was cooking up the evening meal (tandoori chicken, thanks for asking) while listening to Steve Lamacq’s show. This is a regular weekday routine. Obviously, the actual meal being cooked does vary, but otherwise: me in the kitchen, glass of wine, Lammo on the radio, dinner being cooked – every night.

Steve was asking his audience about their top three concert experiences. This is information that everyone always should have readily to hand, like their top 10 favourite songs or their top 5 favourite films.

Thankfully, Steve didn’t ask his audience about those other things though, so we can leave that for another day.

Or never. (I think I could only get to three or four films, anyway…)

The top 3 concerts is easy though:

1. a-ha in Bergen, 2016.
2. Skunk Anansie in Darling, 2013.
3. Manic Street Preachers at Glastonbury, 2003.

And so, having mentally recalled my trio, I was just having a(nother) sip of wine and thinking how long it had been since I listened to any Skunk Anansie when suddenly, they were – literally at that second – being played on the radio.

Properly weird. I (very briefly) felt a bit trembly and sick. Massive coincidences like that shouldn’t really be happening in my kitchen on a Friday evening. I had to drink some more wine.

I haven’t thought much about Skunk Anansie since then (mainly out of pure fear of a further coincidence), but when I do, I’m going to make sure I listen to some for a good few, loud hours.