Chances of world peace “not great”

You probably didn’t need me to tell you that, but if there is any value in symbolism, then the fact that a pair of white doves released by the Pope and a couple of children (careful now) in St Peter’s Square over the weekend were immediately attacked by crows and seagulls should probably confirm the fact that we’re in for continued global conflict.




Hmm. Let’s all hope that Steve Hofmeyr avoids finding any further symbolism in that image.

It appears that the symbols of peace did at least survive. Probably, anyway:

One dove managed to break free from the gull, losing feathers in the process, while the crow repeatedly pecked at the other dove.
It was not clear how badly injured the doves were as the birds eventually flew off.

There’s precedent (and some really poor English) here though:

The almost exact same thing happened last year at the same event, which is always held on the last Sunday of January, when a single gull attacked the released birds.

Which, all in all, demonstrates a perfect metaphor for the current global situation right now. Next year (assuming we’re still here) I fully expect them to spontaneously combust upon release. 

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