Z&G: The End of the Road

Music post ahead: meaning, apparently, that my Dad will not be reading any further.

His prerogative of course, but he’s missing out on Zebra & Giraffe’s latest offering, The End of the Road, supplied here in full for the clamouring multitude of overseas 6000 miles… readers who do choose to lap up South African music like hungry kittens around a saucer of double cream.
But aurally.

Decent tune, although I’d prefer a bit more of the Depeche Mode introduction throughout the rest of the song. And a rather original video too: according to my sources, vintage, dusty, circus freakshow, ballet dancer chic is bang on in at the moment.

The eye-shadow is of particular concern though – please Greg – we don’t want you heading to the end of that particular road.

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And some spiffing photos of the boys here.

3 thoughts on “Z&G: The End of the Road

  1. As you know I tend to read your blog in batches as and wehen time allows. As you also know I have been preoccupied with family matters. As you probably don’t know, when catching up on your blog I usually read them upwards, ie I start with the oldest one I haven’t read. As you are about to find out, this time it was different. How could I not read on when I got a first line mention in today’s blog? Well I didn’t read exacty, I played the video. As you know, and imply, popular music isn’t exactly my thing but to me Z & G sound a bit, well dated, more late 70’s, 80’s. (pity it wasn’t 40’s, 45’s) Still I stuck it out before reverting to type and read about Yzerfntein. Next task a web search to find photos of Daughter-in-law 6000.

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