Zebra & Giraffe will support The Killers

And you heard it where first?

Z&G broke the news on their Facebook page this morning:

SA’s hottest new rock act Zebra & Giraffe have been chosen by The KILLERS to be the support act on their South African tour, which commences with two nights at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg (Thursday 3rd December and Friday 4th December 2009) and then moves to Cape Town with one performance on Sunday 6th December at Val De Vie Wine and Polo Estate, in the scenic Paarl/Franschhoek Valley.

But sometime last month, someone had already got the scoop and tweeted it loud and clear:

1:49 PM Oct 31st
Have you heard? @zebraandgiraffe opening for #TheKillers SA gigs…

Yep. That would have been little old me.

So – next time you want the news first on the biggest events of the year, you know where to come, right? Lest we forget, we were the first to tell you that The Killers were coming, as well.

Aside from blowing my own trumpet (and let’s not beat around the bush here, if you could blow your own trumpet, you would), this has just added to my already mounting anticipation of a great concert. I like Zebra & Giraffe – and they have proven Winelands experience with their amazing performance at CokeZeroFest at Lourensford:

Widely tipped to be the next “big” SA band, they blew me away with their New Order vs The Cure, mildly melancholic electronica. It amazes me that there are some bands that are still able to find a niche in the music market which no-one has previously exploited. While others are producing decent, enjoyable but somewhat “samey” tracks, Z&G are novel, refreshing and exciting. And eminently listenable. The performance was tight and professional, the audience interaction not too full-on, but enough to let us know they knew we were there. Very impressive and definitely the best SA band of the day.

So, roll on December 6th. Just 30 sleeps away – or if, like me, you have small children – probably nearer 15.

11 thoughts on “Zebra & Giraffe will support The Killers

  1. But didn’t you find out from some Killers forum in the US that Z and G were going to headline?

    So surely to find out the news first, we should rather read what you read?
    Because by reading your news, we are in actual fact getting the news 2nd (or 3rd).

  2. Reflex > Absolutely correct. Except that the US forum never existed. Long story, the gist of which I have just emailed you. 😉

  3. This is AWESOMMME news, I’m sooooo excited. After the 4th of December I can die happy. 😀

  4. Michelle > I can only asssume that you’re attending one of the Jo’burg gigs.

    HH > They’re not real zebras and giraffes.
    They’re not real Killers.

  5. Is this some sort of safari?

    I do love wild animals, Camilla has a very night leopard outfit she wears for me in when we are hunting at Balmoral.

    Mummy doesn’t approve.

  6. please excuse the typos… I am trying to type and watch Eastenders at the same time

  7. HRH > Always a pleasure to have royalty visiting. Hope you enjoyed all the excitement in the Queen Vic. Or The Great Grandmother to you, I guess.

    Alan > Thanks. You say the nicest thing. But I guess this was a good post for you to read, because I say the nicest things too! 😉

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