Your profile is 67% complete

Apparently, Facebook wants to know more about me. I haven’t told it where I work, what books I’ve read, what films I’ve watched and – amazingly – what music I have listened to.


 Wot no PanPipe Classics?

Here’s the startlingly comprehensive “first three” choice I was given to click on to update that last one. And while I’m aware that the potential pool of musical acts to choose from is near limitless, I’d dearly love to know how Mark Zuckerberg’s algorithms came up with this particular selection for me.

4 thoughts on “Your profile is 67% complete

  1. Bloubergman > I’m not sure that adequately explains it. OK – electropop link with Soft Cell. But the others?

  2. Men at Work. Aussie mates on FB + excessive Relish consumption..
    Debussy? You got me there.

  3. Bloubergman > “Aussie mates on FB”? How rude.
    Debussy does feature in the lyrics of “Left to my Own Devices” by the Pet Shop Boys.
    Facebook goes deep, ne?

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