You sound surprised…

As spotted at Pick n Pay yesterday:

“Even the kids like ’em”?

Why on earth wouldn’t the kids like ’em?

If I were asked to name a particular demographic that I think would like these sugar-laden biscuits with “colourful sugar-coated chocolate” pieces all over them, I would probably go straight for the under-16 age group.

Am I somehow unaware of some widely-held knowledge that “the kids” are adverse to the enjoyment of sugary biscuits?
Is that why your tagline confuses me so?

Sadly, these are banned in our house as – despite the scientific evidence to the contrary – E133 Brilliant Blue sends Alex absolutely bonkers for about an hour per cookie.

2 thoughts on “You sound surprised…

  1. I can name a demographic. It consists of me. Hence those cookies are now banned in our house too. 🙁 I miss their sugary goodness.

  2. I bet you they aren’t as good as my duchy originals biscuits. Even the corgis like ’em.

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