You fill up my senses…

Today’s the day.

At 1315 BST, Sheffield United will kick off their game at Crystal Palace and about several miles away, Reading will kick off against Birmingham City. Between them, the results of these two games will determine who will be promoted into the Premiership.
This might not have a huge impact on your day, but it is already having a huge effect on mine. I can’t eat anything (apart from bagels for breakfast and a satsuma), I can’t drink anything (although, if I’m fair, I have managed a couple of cups of coffee) and I can’t sleep. But that’s because I have a teething daughter.

A touch of spice is added by the fact that the manager of Crystal Palace is a lifelong Sheffield United fan and therefore wants Palace to win (as it’s his job) and United to win (because of his emotional ties).
And before anyone says – “Well, how about a draw, then?”, that won’t be good enough for United. 

So – all to play for and it is thus, I sing the Oath of Allegiance:

You fill up my senses…
Like a gallon of Magnet.
Like a packet of Woodbines.
Like a good pinch of snuff.
Like a night out in Sheffield.
Like a greasy chip butty.
Like Sheffield United.
Come fill me again.

And now I must go, because my daughter is hitting herself repeatedly over the head with an orange  plastic cricket bat. That’s the influence of the IPL.

6 thoughts on “You fill up my senses…

  1. I’m afraid that there’s a little more anxiety to come over the next couple of weeks…

    Neither Reading nor the Blades could produce – unfortunately.

  2. I am gutted…. I was hoping the Royals would perform on today, of all days, but it was not to be. Guess it’s up to the play-offs now, eh?

  3. GaiB > Another Man of the Match award for their keeper. Not for the ref though, apparently. Kind of happy that it didn’t matter thanks to pathetic Reading.

    Helga > You were rubbish. Play-offs, yes. Nice. Or not.

  4. Bugger. The landlord of my local is a Bluenose.. Why did you have to let them back up? He will be even more insufferable now.. 🙁

  5. Play-offs it is then mate! Preston too! Good luck with that

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