While facts are hard to come by and people are wildly speculating and accusing everyone of everything, it strikes me (no pun intended) that given the situation yesterday, we would either be looking at the headline above or something along the lines of “Police massacred”.
Was there another option? There surely should have been.

My feeling is that we shouldn’t be concentrating on what happened yesterday, more on the events over the previous weeks that led to the obviously untenable situation that occurred yesterday afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Agreed. I have no inclination to enter into the blame game, but if I did, I would be looking at parties outside of those directly involved in the incident. For the miners and the police, I feel nothing but immense sadness.

  2. Mingbean > JZ must have read your comment:

    Today challenges us to restore calm and share the pain of the affected families and communities.
    This is not a day to apportion blame. It is a day for us to mourn together as a nation. It is also a day to start rebuilding and healing.

    Wise words.

  3. Uncanny. Almost word for word what I said, repeatedly, on Facebook before his address. Not sure whether to be delighted or dismayed that JZ and I are on the same page for the first time. Ever.

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