World Record: Denied

If this is genuine, then it’s genius.



Yes, sad news for “Jamie Jones”, it would seem. But certainly worth a try at getting into “The Great Book”.

Transcript follows for those on mobile devices or who… can’t read… pictures:

Dear Mr. Jones

Thank you for sending in your record attempt for “most salmon lobbed at a road sign by a Jamie”. Unfortunately, this is not a record we’re interested in and besides, for a variety of reasons, we wouldn’t be able to accept your record – not least because the photo (which we’ve kindly returned) is clearly shopped and your claim that “Trev saw me do it” is not valid as proof. 

Please note that we’re also not interested in the following records you proposed:

  • Largest Air Guitar Collection
  • Loudest Silence
  • World’s Awesomest Man

Thank you for your interest in Guinness World Records, or’the Great Book” as you insist on calling it. 


[name redacted]

Records Management Team

This reply may also indicate why they were interested in my claim for the record for “the most blog posts on in a single year”, which – to be honest – I’ve thought I had all wrapped up for a number of years now.

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