Winter is coming

The clocks have gone back in the UK, marking the end of British Summer Time. Of course, that doesn’t really affect us here, where we don’t use British Summer Time, but it does mean that all the football matches in the UK start an hour later than they did just yesterday.

That actually gave me an extra hour before I settled down in front of a warm TV and watched a bit of the good stuff. But today does seem to have flown by. The beagle was thankful to have avoided a bath due to some unexpected, but very welcome, springtime rain.

Last night’s fundraising auction at Scouts was incredibly successful, but also a lot of hard work, and though I slept in a bit this morning, I’m still going to go for an early night tonight. Because that extra hour in the UK means that all the midweek games are going to start at 10pm and finish at about midnight. And I will miss my much-needed beauty sleep.

But right now, the second half of Arsenal and hopefully doomed Forest.