My wife is pretty amazing.
True, she’s made the odd poor choice in her life [waves], but she really is the glue that holds this family together and keeps us all going. I try to tell her this a lot, but I’m never sure that she knows just how much she is valued and appreciated. Maybe she’ll read this, and then she’ll understand.

Equally, of course, I try to do what I can as well, and it’s worth pointing out that as a complete control freak, she’d probably not let me take over too much anyway. But we’re very, very lucky to have someone so willing, so strong and so able to lead our family.

And especially so now, with me stuck in bed with this leg [points] stuck up in the air like a lower limb Nazi salute.

Talking of… how on earth am I going to make it through tomorrow? It’s basically entirely sport-free. Without football, second-rate rugby and third-rate cricket, I imagine that I’m going to be quite bored. I have made sure to leave my music transfer to do then, and I’m sure I can catch up with some work stuff too. I’d much rather be up and about. But that would be counter-productive.

But I have to say that mindless Supersport viewing has kept me going this weekend, and there’s not going to be any of that.

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