White bloke moves to Canada: makes news

I really wasn’t going to follow this up, because it’s utterly stupid (if it’s even true), but I have had a lot of emails and this blog is yours*, so here goes.

This was on news24.com yesterday:

Ottawa – A white South African man has been granted refugee status in Canada, after an immigration board panel ruled he would be persecuted if he returned home to South Africa, the Ottawa Sun reports. This is the first time a white South African has been granted refugee status in Canada claiming persecution from black South Africans, the newspaper said.
Brandon Huntley, 31, presented “clear and convincing proof of the state’s inability or unwillingness to protect him”, the Canadian immigration and refugee board panel ruled last Thursday.
“I find that the claimant would stand out like a ‘sore thumb’ due to his colour in any part of the country,” tribunal panel chair William Davis said. 
Huntley’s “subjective fear of persecution remained constant and consistent” up to the time he made his refugee claim, Davis noted.
The Canadian newspaper reported that Huntley – who grew up in Mowbray, Cape Town – claimed he had been attacked seven times by black South Africans. He said he was called a “white dog” and a “settler”.
“There’s a hatred of what we did to them and it’s all about the colour of your skin,” Huntley reportedly said.
He first went to Canada on a six-month work permit in 2004, and returned in 2005. He stayed on illegally and made a refugee claim in April 2008, the Ottawa Sun reported.

And of course, the people who hate South Africa, many of whom have actually left and only get selective news snippets like this, have jumped on the bandwagon with glee. And they are shouting about the “white dog” and the “state’s inability or unwillingness to protect him” as if the Canadian immigration board panel is an expert on the situation in South Africa. Which they are obviously not.
If they were, then why would they make statements like “I find that the claimant would stand out like a ‘sore thumb’ due to his colour in any part of the country”, which is completely laughable, but will be conveniently ignored by the desperate and baying expat masses overseas because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

The whole thing is nonsense.

What about when Jeremy Clarkson went to Johannesburg and caused a sh!tstorm of note in SA by telling us that it was completely safe? The expats and their wannabe mates over here dived right in, screaming that “he didn’t go to [suburb]” and “he had an armed guard” etc etc, once again ignoring the rest of the column which detailed how lions in Kruger National Park were contracting HIV from the Mozambicans that they were eating. Now, despite my best efforts in searching, I didn’t see a single whining whitie complaint about that little gem, so I’m assuming that they fully agreed that it was true.
Which just shows you selective their vision is and how Looney Tunes their blinkered viewpoints are.

But back to the story at hand.
Brandon Huntley comes from a suburb about 5kms from where I live. It, much like South Africa, is a melting pot of many different colours and cultures. I would happily walk around there: it’s a safe, friendly and open place. In fact, the only minor issue is that it’s full of students. Maybe he was actually trying to get away from them (which I could completely understand), but then even Ottawa has a University, so that’s a non-starter, Brandon. Sorry.

At the end of the day, if Huntley had anything to offer Canada, he would have been welcomed with open arms. That he slipped in illegally through the back door means that SA is better off without him and his strangely paranoid views.
As for Canada; well, if you can just make stuff up about where you came from and they’ll believe it, then her doors are open. I would imagine that Brandon is already making plans to enjoy their extensive benefits system.

As I’ve said before… Good riddance.

* is it hell…

EDIT: Update here:

On Monday evening Russell Kaplan, Huntley’s legal representative, told Beeld that reports in South African newspapers concerning the problem of crime, among others, was used as proof.

I don’t know about you, but I believe absolutely EVERYTHING I read in the newspapers.
More selective vision, more cherry-picking the sensationalist stories and soundbites. The fact that the board believed it proves that the Canadian immigration procedures are an absolute joke.

EDIT 2: Another update here.

43 thoughts on “White bloke moves to Canada: makes news

  1. I actually phoned my mom to tell her about this and have a bloody good laugh earlier. Mainly because we were joking about it ever happening a couple of weeks ago.

    But look, if it’s true that he’s been attacked several times and been stabbed four times, then I don’t blame him for the paranoia. That being said, it could have happened anywhere. Maybe the dude just has some stinking bad luck.

    Also, I’m kinda happy about certain parts of the story. I’ve gotten a bit tired of this whole idea in South Africa and certain other parts of the world that only white people can be racist. I’ve seen a definition of racism as being a purely European on African thing in a text book being used in our schools. Makes me a bit bleak bru.

    Otherwise, yes, it’s laughable and good riddance etc etc.

    I hope Canada is ready for the influx of refugee applications they’ll receive 😉
    .-= Goblin´s last blog ..To a very special lady =-.

  2. Hmmm … I wonder if we can convince the wonderful people who make up the British National Party to seek asylum in Canada. After all, they’re currently being “persecuted” in the courts for their membership policies. It has to be worth a try … though I would feel a little guilty about dumping these people on Canada. Only a little guilty though.
    .-= Ro´s last blog ..Another "Print-Out-And-Keep" One =-.

  3. Goblin > It’s the exceptionalism that annoys me. Like no one has ever been mugged in another part of the world. Ever.
    The fact that they based their evidence on newspaper reports is hilarious!
    To be attacked seven times is either huge bad luck or just proves that he was asking for a beating. Having seen his face in the paper today, it could be either. He’s bloody ugly and has one of those faces you just want to punch.

    Ro > The BNP is only as bad as those anti-facist protesters who keep attacking Nick Griffin. After all – whatever the rights and wrongs of his policies – the BNP were democratically elected.

  4. I’ll say the same as I said on the Daily Mail site:

    “Most middle class South African can afford 24-hours armed security, electric fences, guard dogs and security beams.”

    True but I have no need for any of them in Cape Town. If I ever moved back to Luton I would seriously consider them all.

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  6. I moved to Canada recently, legally of course so I guess I have something to offer unlike, as you state, Brandan Huntley.
    I must applaud his success though. If Canada is to be compared to a country, South Africa is NOT one of them. They are 2 different entities not even supposed to be located on the same planet in this current century.

    I have a daughter, 17 yrs old. She was busy with Grade 11 and about to start “Matric” (grade 12) I had a choice, allow her to finish and risk something happening to her, or leave and take her with me before she turned 18 and could not do so as my dependant. It was a tough choice but I could not have made a better one cause SA scares me, in many ways that I cannot describe.
    News of 21 year old men raping a disabled woman in a wheelchair and a grade 12 child who was raped and driven over with a car several times to try and kill her (currently in court), is enough to scare anyone into this kind of choice.
    What if I didn’t accept the opportunity to move and something happened to my Daughter? The alternative is not acceptable so I chose and I don’t regret it.
    I say “lekker” for Brandan and his family.

    btw… Maybe you’re running down Brandan not cause he got in without skill but that you are unable to either and didn’t get a break like he did…..

  7. Oh, I’d agree that we have to respect the voice of the voters … but I’d still be happy if Nick and his mates decided, of their own free will of course, to leave these shores for more accommodating climes.

    I wouldn’t even think of deporting them 🙂
    .-= Ro´s last blog ..Another "Print-Out-And-Keep" One =-.

  8. I vaguely remember a similar case in Aus couple of years ago. The application for asylum got rejected. Perhaps Aussies are smarter than Canucks.

  9. Lee > Sorry, I had to delete your comment. It broke my swear-o-meter. Try again without using so many naughty words.

    Colin > Thanks for your view. But I have to say you’re rather paranoid. How about the current case in the UK about the lorry driver sexually assaulting and killing a 9 year old girl? Or the fact that in Canada, only 6% of sexual assaults are even reported? (http://www.womanabuseprevention.com/html/sexual_assault.html) and even the paramedics are (allegedly) sex offenders: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/ottawa/story/2009/06/22/ottawa-paramedic-assault.html

    Bad things happen in SA, as they do everywhere. It’s the exceptionalism that I object to. And the fact that Huntley’s case is build on subjective and factually incorrect evidence.

    P.S. I emigrated by choice (and legally) to South Africa.

    Ro > Fair play. Although democracy is king.

    Delboy > Do you blame them – more bad publicity. Which, actually, this time they don’t deserve.

    Stan > Aussies… smarter than…? No. I don’t get it. Sorry.

    Delboy > Good old Hayibo. Huntley’s original job when he moved to Canada was “Carnival Attendant”. Not a bar or restaurant in sight.

    DW > Mowbray is frankly terrifying. I drove past it las night and nothing happened at all.

  10. Hi 6000
    Thanks for your reply and posting my point of view.

    I would rather be an alive paranoid parent than a statistic of South Africa and if I stayed, that’s what I would have become.
    I stuck it out for a long time. In my 42 years of life, I have been mugged by 3 blacks and I bear the scar of that ordeal everytime I look in the mirror, 1 attempted hijacking, 1 successful hijacking, several car accidents with black people who have no license, no insurance and using someone else’s car, 1 car stolen and my Mother has had her purse stolen in plain view of security camera’s in a mall. My Daughter walked around with a hand Tazer in her bag.

    I don’t ask why I left anymore, I ask myself why I didn’t leave earlier. How did I put my daughter at risk for so long like a game of Russian roulette or feeding a venomous snake without protection? Sooner or later, you’re going to find the chamber where that bullet is or you’re going to be bit by that snake, it’s only a matter of time.

    My Daughter started school yesterday. We discovered she needed supplies like a pen, pencil, paper, binder. Simple things. She took the bus, went to the shop, bought her supplies, drew $20 from the ATM, got back on the bus, went home and made herself something to eat. There was no adult supervision, no police guards, no security or flashing lights and no concern from my side. I did my work without worry, several miles away from home.
    Isn’t this how life is supposed to be?
    Imagine living in a house where the only protection for your family is a locked door and a closed window.
    No burglar bars, electric fence, alarm linked to armed response and attack dogs. There isn’t even a fence preventing people from coming onto my lawn and my garden furniture and bicycle is outside all the time.

    Can you live like this in South Africa and allow your child to do the things I allow mine to do?
    As beautiful as SA is, somewhere, sometime, someone or someone you know is going to get bit.

    Am I paranoid? Maybe but all you have to do is go onto http://www.iol.co.za select South Africa -> Crime and courts and see the stories there. It’s enough to make anyone paranoid.

    I don’t blame Brandan for what he did or hold it against him. He did what he needed to survive and that’s all that matters.
    I think he has opened a can of whoopass by succeeding in is task though, the ramifications of which are still to be discovered…..

    And that’s all I have to say about that!


  11. Colin > Am snowed under here, so excuse me if I am a little brief.
    I do accept the gist of what you say. But I have been affected by crime here and I was affected by crime in the UK. I would point out that you only have to look at the crime section of any country’s news site and it will make unpleasant reading. And while iol is telling you the newsworthy (sensationalist) versions of the crime – they do, after all, have to attract visitors to their site – they don’t tell you about the millions and millions of South Africans who went about their daily business yesterday wholly unaffected by crime of any sort and in any way.
    Thus – the viewpoint of those outside the country reading such sites is automatically skewed towards the negative.

    In addition, my problem with Huntley’s case is not that he won it, nor that he wanted to leave SA. That’s his decsion. My issue is that the result of his case was based on untruths and misinformation.
    So well done to him for fooling the Immigration Board with what essentially, were subjective evidence and lies – as you will surely agree beased on the Chairman’s “sore thumb” comment.

  12. 6000

    I pointed out the crime section, as sensational as it is, as a reference to what does go on in SA. I urge you to find sensationalism like that anywhere else in the civilised world like Canada.

    I am a patriot and ambassador for my country and an avid “Bok” Supporter (I still have my original 1995 world cup Bok Jersey) but lets face the facts, South Africa does not have the ability to secure my families future or care whether I live or die. They don’t have the ability to keep us safe or punish those who make it unsafe.
    This is what Brandan Huntley pointed out and IMO, he is 100% correct in that assumption.
    If your government don’t have the ability to even provide basic needs like the right to life, the right to defend yourself or the right to things like water, electricity and most of all, safety, then why should we stay? Why should Brandan Huntley stay? Why can’t he seek assylum?
    You’ve been in the UK, as have I. They are not famous but Infamous for keeping Refugees. Why not blog on that? Canada have made an example from 1 person and the world has come to a standstill. No-one says anything when the UK do the same.

    Huntley’s application was based on FACT btw….. Fact in the eyes of what South Africa have to say about their own country. He produced a few newspapers, probably went to IOL and pulled up a few gastly headlines there and that was that! Case closed.
    He didn’t lie or provide “Untruths” about his own country. He simply showed them a few headlines. Unscripted and without even bribing one person.

    So is he wrong? Did he lie? Would you give him assylum based on what he presented?

    You be the judge.


  13. Colin > Would I give him asylum on what he presented? Possibly. But if I held the responsibility for giving people asylum in a given country, I would want to rely on more than hearsay, carefully-selected newspaper clippings and reports from the internet. In that way, he was untruthful – by omission, rather than directly lying.
    But more fool Canada.

    Huntley’s application was based on white people being persecuted by black people. In that way, Huntley portrayed himself as a white man who was in danger because of his colour. Yet whites are in no way the greatest victims of crime in SA. They just have the education, the money and the internet access to shout about it. So no, I dispute that his application was based on fact. Whites are not persecuted by blacks in South Africa.

    Why not blog on the UK? I do from time to time, when it is relevant. But I live in SA and I blog on SA. Canada gets a mention because of this story – which primarily concerns South Africa.

    I was burgled a couple of years ago. I’m thinking of applying to the Maldives for asylum. Beachfront property would be nice, please. I was also prejudiced against in Pick and Pay the other day for having 11 items in my basket. I thought about Canada, because they’re a soft touch, but it’s a bit too French and a bit too American for my liking.

    Jeremy Nell summed the whole thing up nicely in his cartoon today: http://jeremynell.com/images/toons/a2009-09-02.jpg – clever work.

  14. Hi 6000
    You said…”Whites are not persecuted by blacks in South Africa.”
    Are you for real and actually living in South Africa? Holy schmokes man. What you taking? Cause I want some of that whacky backy too. 😉

    Reality check people.
    Whites ARE persecuted in South Africa – FACT!
    Out of 4 million whites, 850 000 “known” whites have left between 1995 and 2005 – FACT!
    The reason why we have no stats since 2005 is that South Africa decided to stop making people accountable for the reasons why they travel anymore. I think the stats scared too many.
    RACISM EXISTS EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD, South Africa just have the stupidity to talk about it openly. It’s like having a “Status” when dealing with the “Real” world.
    “Help me, I am from South Africa and I have been oppressed by Apartheid. Please give me what I want”
    Is Brandan Huntley ANY different?
    Whites are now the persecuted and oppressed by Apartheid. It’s the black people that own it now, not whites. Either way, it’s still Apartheid.

    Ask yourself these simple questions.
    Do you have the right to life?
    Do you have the right to safety?
    Do you have the right to freedom without persecution?

    If you answered Yes to ANY of these, then leave South Africa now cause you won’t get it there, black OR white.

    p.s. Nice cartoon btw…..

  15. Colin > See, there you and I must go our separate ways. Me heading into summer on the golden beaches under Table Mountain and you into 9 months of dark grey and slush.
    Putting the word ‘FACT’ and an exclamation mark after any given statement does not make it true.
    I’m here. I’m unpersecuted. Wholly unpersecuted.

    That’s not to say that I recognise that SA has problems – of course it does. But so does everywhere else. Maybe less so with crime, but there are problems everywhere. Have you seen Canada’s immigration policies, for example?

    Interesting that you stuck around while the whites were in charge, but now that the boot is on the other foot, you choose to run.
    Makes you wonder why millions of black people didn’t leave pre-94, doesn’t it?

  16. 6000

    1994 was a long time ago. Whites were not persecuted then and many black people did leave while they were persecuted. I didn’t decide on apartheid either, I just lived in it and took instruction from the army and government of that time.
    I did stick around until 2008 though. That’s 14 years of trying and my Daughter was 3 when I started trying.
    The whole idea of getting rid of apartheid was to do exactly that, get rid of it. Not use it as an excuse or allow the introduction of major crime and risk of life for me and my family and reverse apartheid.
    In those 14 years, I have seen how South Africa has plummeted into what it is today. Crime is up, jobs are scarce, corruption is rife. Even the blacks complain that things have not got better.

    btw… Using the weather as some sort of enticement that things will be better in SA than in Canada, is a cheap attempt to make me think I made a bad decision. But that isn’t the issue is it? The weather isn’t the reason why we’re having this blow by blow blog or the reason why Brandan Huntley left.

    Canada’s immigration policies are going to change btw and the announcement is going to be made September 11 (crazy date but hey….) so *Watch this space*

    I dare you to walk into a Shabeen, on your own, in a township close to you on a Friday night. Stay late, drink lots and then walk home. Let’s see if you feel persecuted then. Hey why not take your child with you. Great idea? Not likely.
    I can walk into ANY bar, anywhere in Canada, with my Daughter and walk home safely at any time of the night.

  17. You and Colin are having such a good time, I wouldn’t want to interrupt.

    I was just reading “the claimant would stand out like a ’sore thumb’ due to his colour”, and thinking that’s a whole lotta sore thumbs over there in SA!! 😀

    And to Colin – yes, “known” whites did leave SA during those years, but please don’t presume that we were South African-born whites! Some of us were simply going back to be with families or the countries we had come from in the first place…
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..Egads! It’s September already! =-.

  18. @Colin: Hate to surprise you mate, but crime DOES exist in Canada too. Total crimes/capita is not much lower than in SA. http://foxyurl.com/tk6

    The only crimes where South Africa’s rates are significantly higher than Canada is gun crime. Canada even ‘beats’ SA on drug offences! And as for rape, Canada is less than 0.5 rapes per 1000 people behind South Africa.

    At the end of the day, you’ve made your choice. Don’t drag the rest of SA down with you. I was home in March (I live in Australia). My parents don’t have an “electric fence, alarm linked to armed response and attack dogs (Their guard dog is a Dachshund!). There isn’t even a fence preventing people from coming onto their lawn and their garden furniture is outside all the time.” They leave their cars outside at night, go for walks in the tree-lined streets (day or night) and they have travelled the world but never once considered leaving South Africa!

    I live in Australia, ‘cos I’m married to an Aussie who wants to live near her folks. And I plan on returning to SA some day, so don’t even think about attacking me.
    .-= Delboy´s last blog ..Back to school =-.

  19. Colin > Obviously, the weather is no enticement to move to Canada. Obviously.
    So yes, Huntley must have had other reasons. And as I keep saying – my gripe is the way he got in and the way they let him in – not his decision to leave SA.

    P.S. I would ask you to consider your last statement – about the safety at any time of the day, in any bar in Canada – again, because I think it’s a big fat lie.

    HH > Feel free to drop in anytime. 🙂 Of course, while you were swaying the stats one way, I was swaying them the other. And then I had kids. 2. White. Like sore thumbs.
    Effectively, that more than cancelled you out, I’m afraid. But then, those who want to prove a point will only look at the exit figures, not the entry.

    DelBoy > Thanks for that. But of course, people lkike your parents who lead a normal, happy life don’t go around yelling and whining about it all the time, so we neverr get to hear their side of the story. Skewing the perceptions again.
    P.S. Dachshunds can be nasty too. Burglars’ ankles beware.

  20. I also returned to South Africa over 3 years ago and have never looked back. I live in a house without electric fences and armed response and my Jack Russell is hardly an attack hound. My front garden is open and my cars are often parked outside all night.

    @Colin, I hear you and understand that you appreciate what you have now, but I assure you that the novelty of contemplating your perception of safety will wear off. I mean, it’s not like you are going to comment everyday for years on end about how you were able to walk down the road without being shot, is it?
    I’m being trivial here, but that is exactly the perception ex-pats are perpetuating about South Africa, which is simply not true.

    What Huntley and the duped Canadian Immigration service have done is lend some official legitimacy to the ex-pat cause, and that is what is very worrying about this saga.

  21. “Obviously, the weather is no enticement to move to Canada. Obviously.” – Lies. The weather is one of the reasons it’s being contemplated by us more than Aus 😉
    .-= Goblin´s last blog ..Circular Pain =-.

  22. Tim > Many good points. And the “official legitimacy” of which you speak was based on a false premise. That’s even more cencerning.

    Goblin > Snow accounting for taste. (See what I did there?)

  23. @6000 You obviously live in your own cosy little world and refuse to see the truth about SA, and quite frankly you disqualified yourself as a worthwhile human being and candidate for debate by saying Brandon Huntley is “bloody ugly and has one of those faces you just want to punch.”
    So there you have it. He’s ugly (apparently) and thus needs his face punched…or to be attacked another 7 times by thugs. The verdict is in.
    So, I guess the hundreds of thousands of white people leaving the country are all ugly traitors needing to have their faces punched, mmm?

  24. Goblin > They do. And it’s you.

    AvatarPrime > I live in South Africa. I see “the truth” every day. As for the remaining 90% of your comment, taking as it does, one tongue-in-cuff, off-the-cheek remark about our dear Brandon, well – cherry-picking at its best again.
    Anyway – I OBVIOUSLY wouldn’t beat up Brandon – I’m white and therefore pose absolutely no threat to him at all (or else he’s in a whole heap of trouble in Canada).

    Seriously – who really refuses see “the truth” about South Africa? Is it really me, or is it you?

    P.S. I maintain that he is bloody ugly though.

  25. Hi All…

    It’s 6:30 in Canada and I have awoken from my slumber. Had a restless sleep too cause I’m nervous as I am expecting a “Friend” to arrive today for the long weekend. We call each other “International playmates” and we have been meeting somewhere different in the world to, well.. Play. 😉 (Trust me, it’s been fun!!)

    Thanks for all you comments, 6000 too and now you’re all starting to “Ge the point” which is this.

    Everyone has an opinion of their experience/s. In SA and abroad. Some more than others and some less.
    It’s fantastic to see so many of them and that’s exactly what I have been trying to do with 6000 here. Form an opinion.
    Mine is clearly different to yours, some similar and some not but definitely different. This is what Brandan Huntley did. He formed an opinion, presented it and got a result. So don’t worry Delboy, I won’t attack you for yours 😉
    He didn’t form your opinion or mine, he formed his own based on his experience/s. Clearly he’s had a rough time, maybe he was dramatic in some events and maybe he wasn’t but it was still his experience. Who the hell do we think we are forming an opinion of his experience when we didn’t go through what he did? Isn’t this called “Freedom” or “Freedom of speech/Opinion”?

    All of what i have said is miniscule compared to what I really want to say but this forum of blogs is probably not the place to do this.

    Now to the sceptics out there, in no particular order….
    I am not running South Africa down. I am merely presenting my experience to you for you to form your own opinion. I am not running anyone down or ignoring their opinion either. I am merely forming my own for you to try and get some understanding of what I have been through and why I took my Daughter away from her home. Let me say this though. She is pissed at me for doing this. I have one of the most easy going teenagers in history and for the first time in her life, she was not impressed by this decision to move.
    She has started her final year of school and she made me promise that if she did well this year, that I would send her back to South Africa for a visit next year. So I have managed to shield her from most things and her perception of South Africa is a good one. THIS is your future ambassador to SA. Not me or Brandan Huntley. It’s the children that will take SA into a new era, unfortunately, there is a but….

    But… It’s not going to happen soon. SA is not a safe place to live at the moment I’m afraid. The current government does not have the knowledge or ability to keep me or my Family safe and by the obvious position Brandan Huntley is in, neither can they protect him.
    The truth about SA is only an opinion. Everyone different and we are all entitled to it but SA does have serious problems to deal with. They are losing great people with mahoosive skill to other countries and it sucks! The reasons are obvious to some and not so obvious to others. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule but facing the facts is a lot tougher to do and the current government in SA does not know where to start to do that.
    Like I said before, SA is like a loaded gun or a venomous snake. Sooner or later, you’re going to be shot or bitten. Ek wil nie n kans vat nie. Nie met my kind, jammer…..


  26. Colin > A touching monologue. And I hope you can see that you and I will have to agree to disagree.
    I don’t see things as you do – or, maybe more importantly – you don’t see things as I do. Maybe it’s a glass half full or half empty thing. Maybe it’s my unwillingness to submit to a herd mentality.
    Either way – you’ve made your choice and I’ve made mine. And I feel happy and safe here. With my two sore thumb kids and my sore thumb wife.

    I hope you enjoy your exciting weekend. I’m not sure how au fait you are with internet acronyms, but I think that falls into the category TMI. Still – at least you won’t have to take your daughter to the pub anymore.

  27. 6000

    I am pretty clued on Internet Acronyms so TMI is something that makes me LOL while ROFL.
    Before I depart for the weekend though, let me say this.
    I note the sarcasm in your writing and for some reason, I am not sure why you do that. This is a blog after all. Maybe it’s a “Pommie” thing but to be honest, I don’t care for it much. Your innuendos and subtle stabs at comparing the weather there vs here or taking my Daughter to the pub are starting to wear my patience thin. Lets blog about the facts, not have some sarcastic debate on issues that have no relevance.
    So… I am going to bow out of this, leave you to your own devices and wish you all the best, in whatever you decide to do or not do.
    It’s been fun but, and there’s always a but, for the sake of Internet Etiquette, I am going to end this now, monologue still intact.
    I have said what I need to and in the Famous words of Forest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that!”

    Goodbye, Totsiens, Auf Wiedersehen, Au Revoir.

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