Where is the ‘Other Devices’ link on the new Google Chrome? – Solved

One of the best things about Google Chrome is the ability to log in to the browser and then be able to share your history across all your google devices, simply by clicking the Other Devices link on the browser.

However, during a recent update, that link disappeared and with it, apparently at least, the most useful feature of Chrome.

But never fear, because it hasn’t gone far. While researching moving a favourites folder from IE one one machine to Chrome on another machine for my Dad (sorted, thanks), I discovered that it’s safe, well and merely slightly less accessible.
Why would they want to do this? I have no idea, although they have a bit of history in this regard.

Anyway: to get access to pages you have opened on your Other Devices now, simply click the Customise and Control button on the top right of the browser – the one with three horizontal lines – and scroll to Recent Tabs. There, you will see all your Other Devices – and the pages you have been viewing on them – listed.

As an aside, clicking on History in that same menu drop down now shows your your browsing history on all your connected devices.

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