Where have you been?

Rumour and intrigue have been surrounding the recent paucity of posts on 6000 miles… There were pleas and rebukes on Facebook. There were personal emails filled with concern and bitter allegations. There was even a phone call, although to be fair, that turned out to be a wrong number. 
But while readers speculated wildly, none of them hit the nail on the head. I have mainly just been sleeping.

Mainly sleeping

The 6000 miles… Southern Cape Tour™ starts next week. Look out for live blogging from beyond the Overberg including (I hope) the southernmost blog posting in Africa from somewhere near a big stripy lighthouse.
Flickr should also be fairly busy, but maybe only once I get back, thanks to those pesky bandwidth regulations around Bredasdorp.

6 thoughts on “Where have you been?

  1. Hang on a sec. I thought you said you didn’t use Facebook no more?

    P.S. You are a hell of a lot younger than I thought. And balder.

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  2. Po >> I had to go on there (Facebook) yesterday as my brother uses it as his online photo album.

    P.S. That’s obviously K-pu. Stop being silly.

  3. Aaaawww… she definitely has some of the ol’ 6000 in her – that bottom lip looks distinctly like her big bro’s lip! Have a fab hols (lucky bar-steward), and bring back plenty of photos from the Dark Side of Breda.

    Black-pu, over and out! 😛

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