When Hendo’s met Freddy

Many of you will remember the DIY Biltong post from a few weeks ago.
Well, since then I have experimented with many different sorts of meat and many different blends of spices in an attempt to create the world’s best raw-meat based snack. And while I was getting there slowly, my efforts received a huge boost on my birthday last week with a gift of 3kg of Freddy Hirsch biltong spices.
That’s enough to make 75kg worth of biltong.
I’m going to be busy.

The only issue is that since anyone can go and buy spices from Freddy, anyone can make first class biltong. But I don’t want to be one of the crowd.
I want my biltong to stand out; I want it to have a personal touch.
And that’s where Henderson’s Relish comes in. This “spicy Yorkshire sauce” has been made in Sheffield (right next door to the hospital I was born in) since the late 19th century.
It is to my home town what biltong is to my adopted country.

And, much like when Harry met Sally, the results of Hendo’s meeting Freddy are mindblowing.
It’s South Yorkshire meets South Africa.
It’s a pint of Magnet with a Klippies chaser in the pub on the corner of Bramall Lane and Voortrekker Road.
It’s bluddy bakgat, dun’t tha’ know, china?

It’s very me.

10 thoughts on “When Hendo’s met Freddy

  1. Darn it! I *knew* it was your birthday last week, but you weren’t make a fuss of it, so I didn’t either. As a fellow late-September celebrator, firstly let me say “Happy Belated Birthday”, and secondly, can you send me some of your biltong, please. Please? PLEASE?! 😀

  2. HH > Thanks. I’ve had so many birthdays that the day really isn’t fussworthy anymore.
    Did your son ever make his biltong maker? That’s the first stage to making biltong – make the maker.
    And – happy birthday to you too. Whenever it was/is/will be. 🙂

  3. HH > Incidentally, I will get back to reading your blog again “soon”.
    My google reader looks like a train smash at the moment.

  4. No worries – you’re not missing any Pulitzer Prize-winning material, after all! 😀

    PS. 23rd – come and gone… and 43 compared to your barely-out-of-short-trousers age! 😉

  5. So who do we have to kill to get a taste of this goodness?? (Or: I’ll trade you a batch of brownies…)

  6. HH > Ah, the 23rd. Which makes you a Libra – well – you know what they say… (Do you?)

    The Doctor > I will put some aside as a belated Anniversary gift for you. 🙂

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