What’s the problem?

Oh, this one makes me proud to be English.

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A 29-STONE mum who feeds her eight-month old triplets with McDonald’s has insisted she is bringing the tots up in the “best way she can”.
Leanne Salt, 24, said she is “too busy” to properly feed daughters Deanna and Daisy and son Finlee.
So she lets them eat her takeaways and gives them Wotsits snacks and microwave meals.

(for my non UK visitors, 29 stone = 406 pounds or 184 kilos) 

I have to admit that once, in a fit of desperation, Alex was given 6 Chicken McNuggets from the Kenilworth drive-thru. It was as a result of poor paternal planning and I felt awful for ages afterwards, although with hindsight, that was probably because of the Quarterpounder with cheese that I had at the same time. And the cardboard fries.
Alex seemed to enjoy his reformed lumps of fried, mechanically-recovered chicken though, even if he didn’t really seem to know what to do with them. Well, he was only 6 weeks old at the time.

Of course, there’s no problem with the odd McDonald’s every now and again, even if they do their best to put parents off buying their inaccurately-named Happy Meals. But we certainly don’t go down the road of doing it every day. That would get in the way of his KFC addiction.

Leanne steers away from healthy foods in case it makes her tots anorexic. She said: “I don’t want them to think they have to watch what they eat. I’ll tell them big is beautiful.”

Yes readers, “big is beautiful” – I’ll let you decide on that one:

Picture from Closer magazine

When I see that sort of picture, aside from the immediately overwhelming thought that “big is beautiful” (obviously), I also find myself marvelling at the amazing strength of denim. Presumably, those are just over-the-counter jeans from the fat section of Matalan, and yet look what they’re holding within them.
Quite remarkable and a great advert for Vietnamese sweatshop workmanship.
Oh – and I wonder where the bikini-clad Carrie Fisher is, as well.

Swine flu can’t get to Coventry quickly enough.

19 thoughts on “What’s the problem?

  1. The term “no comment” springs to mind………..right after I’ve picked myself up from the floor where I’ve spent the last 5 minutes crawling around in hysterical fits of laughter.

  2. I once wrote a poem about Coventry and it was so good that I feel it is appropriate to share it right here:


    Coventry, oh Coventry
    Your name does strange things to me
    with its round-vowelled lilting beauty
    It brings to mind scones and tea
    and Morris dancing and all that is Englishy
    (and a naked woman on a horse but this poem is not meant to be kinky)
    Your name is silky, Coventry.

    Coventry, you lie to me
    When I visit you all that I see
    are concrete blocks and faded humanity
    Your bus station is full of knives, needles and debauchery
    and the people are always bothering me,
    what IS that metal bridge monstrosity?
    Your name should be Slough or Wrexham, Coventry

    I know, I know, it has “poet laureate” written all over it.

    That anti-anorexia idea is novel I must say.

    po´s last blog post was: I am back. Or am I? (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  3. Dammit – I just knew those greens were bad for me…

    This is saddening but unfortunatly not surprising.

    Ordinarylife´s last blog post was: What fun (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  4. Goblin > It’s those sultry come-to-bed thighs that have got me all aquiver. Slap her arse and ride the ripples.

    Morticia > It’s not funny, alright?
    Ok – maybe it is a bit funny. *snort*

    Po > Stick with the plants, dear. Really. 😉

    OL > Green Jelly Babies?
    What are you going to feed your triplets on?

    Wiggy > Thanks anyway. But stick to marquees and footy. Not poetry review. OK?

  5. Further evidence that ‘Child services’ are failing British children.
    Just a guess, but I predict the tragic-triplets ‘un-yummy, grand-mummy’ is probably only 36 years old.
    If only we could live a couple of million years and see where Darwins’ natural selection takes the human race:)
    Maybe flabby bellies will evolve into a kangeroo type pouch to neatly carry our take-away containers – whilst also keeping it conveniently warm!

  6. OMG!!! 24? Jeez she will be lucky to hit 40! And we see so much of the fast-food addicts here too! Quivering thighs? They will knock you senseless 6k!

  7. Funny as this is…

    It’s happening over here too. Those below the poverty line can’t afford fresh food, so the kids get take-away. AU$5.00 gets you a burger, fries, ice-cream and a small drink. Hard to beat when you’re unemployed.

    But hey, if she can afford that much denim to cover her body, she must be able to afford food!

  8. Pizza – what else is there?

    It is a well balanced meal, got the dairy, starch, protein and fats. And can be eaten hot or cold…. If necessary I might even give them a swig of beer to wash it down with.

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  9. Irish coffee is the only existing balanced meal-in-one – sugar, fat, coffee and alcohol…

  10. and there you have it..Stupid has unfortunately reproduced and teaching stupid.

    And in the next episode of “Coventry’s People” you will find them watering their gardens with ‘Gatoraid’ because water is for toilets dontcha know?

    Briget´s last blog post was: If Friday was a feeling.. (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  11. Briget > I have spent a lot of time in Coventry in the past and I can tell you that they are all like that. Fat and stupid.

  12. I’m carrying a bit of weight, but I’m not thinking that much. I wonder where she gets her jeans – I could do with a loose-fitting pair. 😮

    Now, you’re gobsmacked at this, but only last night I was watching a documentary, about being overweight. The woman was investigating about food messages, and she discovered something rather bizarre. At three NHS hospitals, they have an in-house MacDonald’s, one of which is in Croydon. Now, if the NHS thinks it’s okay to have them on site, how can we possibly blame poor Leanne for thinking it’s okay to feed her babies McNuggets?!? 😀
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