What’s A Girl To Do?

This rather interesting video and spookily 80’s song came to my attention via this remix [download], which in turn came to my attention via here.

The singer is Natasha Khan, the band Bat for Lashes and the song What’s A Girl To Do? I don’t know who the BMXing rabbit is, but I’m sure a quick visit to google will probably assist.

Once again, I must point out that she is cycling without lights at night. And does she go through a red light about 2 minutes in? When will these cyclists learn?
At least she avoided the garish lycra and daft helmet fashion error.

Anyhow; pretty girl, 80’s keyboards and somewhat quirky video? Fleet‘s going to love this.

4 thoughts on “What’s A Girl To Do?

  1. Love it! Fantastic track and excellent video. And, ahem, as you say, pretty girl!

    Nice spot, 6000 – thanks for bringing it to my attention. Off to iTunes for a download right away!

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  2. Trust you to find a video with a cyclist.

    I think you are obsessed. Next thing you know you will be looking at bikes, and then trying them out. You know, just to see what it is like…. just to see what the fuss is about and of course to see how gooood that lycra feels.

    Or maybe not, maybe you will just remain a closet fan?

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  3. Fleet > We aim to please.

    OL > Ha! I told you, I was a cyclist for 9 years. But without the silly attitude and daft clothing.
    Do I spy 55kph winds for the Argus on Sunday? I think I do.

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