15 thoughts on “What we learnt in November


    Aaaaaaaaaaah, I always get so excited for fat people incubating humans!

    Well done big boy 🙂

  2. Robyn – By “body language” you mean avoidance of alcohol?

    SheBee – Thanks! If it’s anything like as busy as no.1, I’ll never survive.

  3. Aw congratulations – just think, more sleepless nights, more expense – lovely! Only joking – congrats and all that.

  4. alas you made the same mistake as globus. one is enough to teach you it’s sexual, marital, financial and social hari-kiri. a second is just plain masochism. good luck 🙂

  5. I’m new here and really enjoy your take on SA.

    Congratulations with the happy news! I have yearned for those two lines for 10 years now… It’s a huge blessing!

  6. Koosh – Thanks. No backpack errors second time around. I promise.

    Mel – Reality only escaped me briefly.

    Big news – I know you know how it feels.

    Globus – Ha ha ha. Why do many people keep saying that?

    Delboy – We have some catching up to do, kilogram wise…

    Hanlie – Thanks for dropping in. Hope you’ll be back often. And yes – we appreciate our good fortune.

  7. Alex – Robin Hood bear is still a regular favourite…

    Ken – I see your issue. You’re thinking that the kid will turn out as another Ken Albin. Don’t panic. It won’t.
    What if Nelson Mandela’s parents had thought “Hmm. Let’s not pop one out right now. It’s not a good idea.”?
    Not that I’m claiming our child will be like Nelson. Our child will be paler and will be banned from going into politics.

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