What more must they do?

The dry-run of the dry-run for tomorrow’s Opening of Parliament and the State of the Nation Address was last night.

Having two dry-runs means that any problems discovered in the first dry-run can be ironed out in the second dry-run and any problems discovered in the second dry-run might be ironed out by the time the real thing happens on Thursday. Any problems on that day will likely be due to reaction to Zuma’s job forecasts.
It’s hard to drive when your eyes are full of tears (joy, despair, gas).

And despite a widespread media campaign, people still rang into radio stations, besieged twitter and probably moved to Perth because of the inevitable traffic congestion in the CBD.
That’s not a problem to me. What is a problem to me is when they put on their best whiny voice and trot out that line:

Why didn’t they tell us about this?

Because the simple answer is that they did. It’s been in the Cape Times (albeit with poor maths therein) and the Cape Argus. I’m told that even the Daily Voice mentioned it, but no-one believes their stuff anyway.

But I don’t read the papers

It’s been on Kfm, it’s been on Cape Talk, it’s been on Heart.

I only listen to CDs in my car

It was on those HUGE new dot-matrix signs which are all over this corner of the Province.

I was too busy chatting on my cellphone to look at the signs

Some local blogs even gave you the details as part of their public service covenant.

So what more must they do to get this information through to you?

Employ scantily-clad midgets  to go door-to-door to inform everyone in the Western Cape?
Get planes to sky-write the details over the Mother City (South Easter permitting)?
Or just tattoo it on your forehead so when you look in the mirror each morning, you’ll remember? Forever.

What I find odd is that the tiniest bit of bad press about anything in Cape Town or South Africa makes its way through the gossip grapevine via word of mouth, SMS, twitter and – more often – email and Facebook, yet helpful information like this just never seems to get through, no matter the best efforts of mice and men to put it out there.
What exactly does that say about the State of the Nation?

So – let’s have one more go for those of you at the back.

There will be more disruption on the this evening (Wednesday) and tomorrow (Thursday) evening.
Here are the full details.

Now stop moaning and get back underneath your rock.

11 thoughts on “What more must they do?

  1. Sorry dude, but the only reason I know about it is because of you. Don’t listen to radio. Don’t watch tv.


    If they had put it up on posters I might have heard about it. Might have. Really, I just rely on you though.
    Remember to tell me all about footy matches in the future.

  2. What I always wonder is why don’t they just provide a map of what roads will be closed… most people do not know all the street names in Cape Town nor are they going to go look at a map to check. Except I did… http://goo.gl/maps/aq4X

    Would also help if the Parliament and City of Cape Town versions would match. I wonder if Metro police have another version as well.

  3. T > But even you drive past several (if not more) dot matrix signboards each day. No excuses. 😉

    Dave > A map would certainly help, agreed. But as for the versions of various parties actually agreeing with one another – no chance. That suggests a level of communication far beyond their capabilities.

    Reflex > Yes. A bit.

  4. I doubt anyone would have found Perth lately. According to the map on the SABC News on Monday night it has moved to Tasmania.

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