What could be better?

The only thing that could actually be better about Morten Harket releasing a new solo album in the next few weeks is if one of the tracks on it had been written by the Pet Shop Boys. Just imagine: it would be like [that singer you really like] doing a song written by [that band you really like].
But, come now, reality has to hit home at some point and you have to realise that you can’t have your cake and… hang on… what’s this?

Morten Harket, until recently the lead singer of A-ha, will release a solo album in April which includes a new song by Tennant/Lowe. The album is called “Out Of My Hands” and the new song by Pet Shop Boys is entitled “Listening”. Harket approached Pet Shop Boys in September last year and was offered the recently written ballad which Neil and Chris thought would suit his voice.

I’ve been doing some rudimentary calculations after having a quick look at my iPod and it turns out that I have a total of 756 tracks by Pet Shop Boys, a-ha or Morten. B-sides, bootlegs, remixes, dodgy covers. Even given the longevity of these artists, I think that does indicate some sort of dedication and enjoyment of their art. So yes, “Listening” is going to be a big deal for me.

Bring on April. Just as soon as we’re done with March, obviously.

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