What a difference a day made…

Twenty-four little hours.
Brought the smoke and the fires.
Where there used to be green.

Before and after – The Devils Peak Fire

Houses in High Cape and Vredehoek (where I used to live) were evacuated at 1 o’clock this morning as high winds threatened drive the fire into residential areas. Spectacular iol pictures.

Today, it’s just a matter of damping down what’s left of the vegetation and  putting out the fires in the kloofs on the Groote Schuur Estate. Just for an idea of scale, those three “little” fires you can see up at the top of the mountain have flames up to five storeys high according to the Cape Town Fire Department spokesman on the radio. S’big, then.

9 thoughts on “What a difference a day made…

  1. Geez, the poor freaking mountain. What is going on down there? It is unlikely to be “natural” right?

    People think fynbos need fire to regenerate and blah blah, but not fires this freqquent.

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  2. There is certainly a lesson to be learnt here then… Dont do the crime if you cant afford to pay the bribe?

  3. JZ got a special deal, he got 2 attorneys for the price of 1.

    The attorney so nice they named him twice.

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