What a day

It didn’t start well, because I was still up watching the disappointingly dull Europa League Final until well after midnight. With football watching opportunities becoming scarce for the winter here, you have to take what you can, but this was sheer desperation and I should have gone to bed long before extra time, never mind the penalties. Oi vey.

So not really enough sleep, so then I decided that a heavy workout in the gym might get me going. Which it did, to be fair: I was feeling STRONG. But it also depleted my already meagre energy levels until a klaxon went off in my head and a little red light with the word “CRITICAL” started flashing.

I thought it better to stop then.

But wait! The afternoon has been filled with emergency waterproofing on the roof.

Oh, the glamourous life of a top SA blogger.

That’s because during the dull final last night, some rain fell INSIDE, through the very new roof. I’m no expert on these sort of things, so I did a bit of googling and discovered that this shouldn’t happen. I know it’s easy to say this now, but I did have an inkling that this might be the case. And so it was up onto the roof with the nasty, thick, volatile paint, trying to find wherever the hole might be and proactively covering anything even vaguely suspicious with a big blob of gloop.

Will it work? Well, the amount of effort it took me to get a few drops off my hand suggests that it’s pretty much indestructible. Although it looks like it’ll get a stern test tomorrow night and throughout the weekend. I’ll keep you informed (I won’t, really – it’s even less interesting that Roma v Sevilla).

That exercise really took the very last of my reserves though, and so I do foresee a lovely little nap you-know-where this evening.