What a day

Bit of a weird one, actually. A public holiday in the UK, but a normal working day here. Such is the South African appetite for taking time off, that this usually only happens once a year. And now it’s happening twice this month. Madness!

This extra Coronation celebration meant that United’s last game of the season began just after I’d got the kids home from school, and ended just before I had to get the boy to Dodgeball. And I had to fit a meal and painting a wall into the intervening period.

Too much to do in too little time, hence the mad dash to the usual spot in my dark car park.

And yet things started so well.

Having not really slept at all last night, I decided that the best way to try and get the day going was a 7½ km run. And that went well, with much speed despite the many metres of ascent included. The day continued on a positive note as I finally found some gas, which has been in short supply in Cape Town of late.

What a morning!

But then I got marooned in a very dark Pick n Pay when their generator ran out of diesel, and all the tills died. This is unusual. Normally, everything else dies, but their means of taking your money somehow survives. So this was a big one.

Once the power was restored (which took a good while), we all discovered that their POS (you can choose which abbreviation that is; either works) devices take fourteen minutes to reboot. Some shoppers threw their toys and abandoned their trollies mid-aisle. I decided to be courteous and respectful, allowing the anger to pass me by, not least because I needed to take some food home for dinner, and I wasn’t about to risk going round the shop again.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well. United won, and celebrated in style:

And the boy made it to Dodgeball on time.

I’m going to sleep so well tonight.