We’ve all done it…

Well, I know I have, anyway.

So, just what is “it”?
Well, “it” is climbing the Eiffel Tower. Without ropes.

Of course, I happened to take the stairs – it seemed the sensible option, if I’m honest. James Kingston? No, he took the girders to get up there.
Less sensible, more viral video-friendly.

How are those palms doing, hey? Mildly moist? Don’t lose your grip, now.

Says James (in the video description here):

After a few more hours playing around on the tower workers & tourists started coming up in the lifts. We were spotted again around 9AM so we climbed down & met with security. We were handcuffed & taken to the local police station where we were held & questioned for around 6 hours before being released without charges (I also had to promise them I wouldn’t climb it again for 3 years).

The rest of his Youtube account is equally nuts.

I’ve still yet to understand why people do stuff like this. I get the argument for the immediate adrenaline rush of a skydive or a bungee jump, but where’s the appeal in several hours trespassing in the dark, with the threat of arrest or (near) immediate death should something go awry?

I don’t need that sort of stress in my life, and thus I shall continue to live vicariously through people like James Kingston.

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