Wednesday ephemera

Loads of things to write about but none of them deserving a full post of their own (although some other bloggers may disagree)?
It’s time for Wednesday ephemera!

Please feel free to while away your day with these links:

In a week that gave everywhere except Cape Town some snow, Windguru is predicting 10.2m seas and wind gusts of 91kph for the Mother City on Saturday | Nice wine | xkcd finally comes up with a way of stopping Michael Phelps | The 1% differences that gave TeamGB’s cyclists the edge at the Olympics | Great photos from Brian Micklethwait’s view from the train | And via that, the “battery-shaped” tower that uses less electricity | Batman doesn’t need to hear about Gauteng’s weather again | Data analysis of Star Trek deaths illustrates danger of wearing a red shirt | Baby octopuseseseses | How to make tiny rockets from matches | How big is the moon, really? | Hyperdecant your red wine (really?) | What your suitcase sees post check-in | Following the reindeer by Evgenia Arbugaeva

Please email me with any suggestions for the next ephemera post.

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