We braai’d

I don’t know why I always remove the E. Maybe four consecutive vowels just seems over the top.

Anyway, remember this from yesterday?

Of course you do.

Well, at that point, all of the above was true. But then we went to do a quick recce on the pub before we made a booking and… well… let’s just say that the braai option suddenly leapt into a massive lead.
And won. Immediately.
I’m not going to name the establishment in question, but wow… it made a lot of really rough places on the Wynberg Main Road seem positively clean and inviting. A dive bar, in a West End Coast Town, you could say. I did. I couldn’t help myself.

The only downside with the braai option was the wind, gusting to just below storm force and turning the braai into something like a blacksmith’s furnace. But we prevailed with ribs, boerie and porkies, and a bit of chicken for a vegetarian option.

Back in Cape Town now and missing the beach lifestyle of the West Coast, if not the icy cold waters of the Atlantic there. I’ll sort some photos at some point.
And that will reawaken the “Do I continue with Flickr?” debate. And then I won’t sleep for another month.