We Asked Max Power How He Got His Name And You Won’t Believe Who Replied!

His Mum. It was his Mum who replied.

Yesterday’s post about Wigan Athletic footballist Max Power was a big hit. I honestly thought that I had somehow gained some insight into the process involved in naming him. But what’s the point in honest thought or indeed any sort of speculation when you can get answers straight from the horse’s mouth footballer’s twitter account?

Thus, I asked. And waking up, 6000 miles from civilisation… and ever so slightly further from Birkenhead, I found a reply – from Max’s Mum!

Fullscreen capture 2016-01-14 084643 AM.bmp

First off, fair play to Mrs P for responding. Presumably she monitors tweets sent to her son after important games, on the lookout for unjustified nastiness directed his way. The ones I saw on there yesterday seemed to be mainly friendly (like mine was), so maybe she had some extra time (unintentional football pun) to get back to me. Thanks for that.

Secondly 11lbs 4oz? Christ on a moped. That’s 5.103kg! So yeah, you can name him what you want after that kind of effort.

Max seems like a nice guy too. His rather errant shooting in the warm up on Tuesday resulted in him hitting a young fan behind the goal. And then this happened:

Anyway, any further confusion over the Max Power nomenclature saga seems now to have come to an end. We now know that he was named after his Mum, and not the family labrador. And that he was booked in the 87th minute of Tuesday’s game. Which finished 3-3.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, takes us full circle.

UPDATE: Except to say that Maxine did get back once again to tell me that they had a labrador named Max.

Fullscreen capture 2016-01-15 093658 AM.bmpLegend.

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