Water delivery

What are our swimming pools short of at the moment?

Heat! Water – they’re short of water. And OK, yes, heat too. Freezing.

For several months now, we haven’t been allowed to top swimming pools up because of the water restrictions and the ongoing drought. And fair enough too. Luxuries should be the first thing to be sacrificed in times of strife.
Actually, our small pool is still brimming, thanks to the pool cover I purchased over a year ago. Evaporation is next to nothing and the whatever rain we do get has been enough to keep it full.

But what if you don’t have a pool cover and your precious water has gone and done evaporated?

Well then you buy water from an (allegedly illegal) water delivery service to fill it up again.

Filling a 30 000 litre pool in Grassy Park would cost R7000. The total includes the transportation charge.
We have a 24 000 litre trailer with three compartments which hold 8000 litres. We deliver to any area in the Western Cape. We only work with cash payments. A recent fill-up we did was in Brackenfell and it was a 24 000 litre pool, the customer paid R6000.

My pool isn’t big, but it is slightly bigger than those volumes featured. My pool cover cost R1500. Just saying.

I have to admit that I am actually rather impressed and even a little amused by the entrepreneurial spirit shown by these guys, although not by their apparently nefarious activities and their exorbitant rates.
Also, cash only seems to be a simple and legit way to do business, hey?

Anyway, now that they’ve been outed by the local media…

The Daily Voice spoke to the owner of Bulk Water, Itsik Tsour, who stated the company was licensed. When called back to request proof of the licence, both numbers of the business went to voicemail.

…it seems unlikely that they’re going to be topping up any more local pools in the foreseeable future.

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