Washing machine dances to PsyTrance

Ah, this takes me back to those good old raving days. We’ve all been an unregulated washing machine on an all-nighter at one time or another, right?

Even if you mute the music (understandable if it’s not your thing), you should really watch this all the way through because there are a couple of things that you can take from this; firstly that there seems no more fitting entity than a rapidly spinning, out of control washing machine to accompany this genre of music, and secondly that the structural integrity of the washing machine is maintained for an almost implausible length of time, given the rather extreme forces at work here.

That second point should at least reassure you that something would have to go very, veryvery wrong for your home appliance to go rogue and destroy your laundry, kitchen, utility room, bathroom, outhouse or wherever you choose to do your washing.

Next week, a toaster does Swan Lake.

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