I want a shed

You can take the man out of Britain, but you can’t take Britain out of the man.

I want a shed.

Research has revealed that Britain is a nation of shed fanatics with 65 per cent of British adults owning a shed and as many as 6 per cent of them admitting that they want to be buried in their sheds. Six per cent of men admit to getting frisky in their shed to spice up their love life. More than one fifth of men admit to having spent time in their sheds to avoid arguments.

This from the Guardian’s coverage of entrants for Shed of the Year 2013. There are greenhouses, garden observatories, party sheds, pub sheds and even a toilet shed. It might not sound particularly amazing, but then look at last year’s winner, “Woodhenge”:



Can you imagine having that in your back garden. Who needs a local? Hell, who needs a house? And all of this in a shed.

I want a shed.

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