Want Chicken!

I was awoken from fitful slumbers, punctuated with dreams of Kari Byron relaxing in a bath of Woolworth’s peanut butter (crunchy, obviously), on six separate occasions between midnight and 3am last night. Our son – usually a sleeper of note –  is going through one of those stages that helpfully reminds us just how lucky we are when he doesn’t go through those stages.

Mostly it was just crying. Maybe a bad dream – the thought of Robert Mugabe in that horrid shirt, perhaps or maybe the thought of the South African national football side only managing a 0-0 draw against Sierra Leone last weekend. Understandably galling.

Bob’s shirt: Wakey Wakey!

Two of the wake-up calls were obviously premeditated, however:
There was the “Daddy! Dadddeeeeeee!” dragging me out from under the duvet at a quarter to two and the somewhat more implausible, “Want Chicken!” about an hour later.

As I heaved my soporific frame through the chilly darkness across the landing, I distinctly remember thinking, “It sounds like he’s shouting “Want Chicken!””. Which of course, he was.

The culprit was a small, plastic chicken from a farm set he got for Christmas. It was silhouetted against the glowing green of the digital clock in his room. I picked up said chicken and then, having considered the (hopefully minimal) choking hazards it posed and then considered the not inconsiderable warmth beneath my duvet, shrugged and tossed it into his cot. Cue silence. Wonderful silence.  

I recognise that this post will probably be, at best, of limited interest to many readers. However, it serves as the perfect excuse as to why I can’t actually get my brain to work on writing anything more intellectually challenging today.

5 thoughts on “Want Chicken!

  1. Mmmm… good old Woolies! I used to love food shopping there – it was always only for treats, though. Other times it was Pick ‘n Pay, otherwise we’d have had to remortgage the house just to pay for the groceries. I remember being shocked at how much prices had gone up when I last visited 5 years ago, and I had only been gone 5 years!!

    I don’t know how old your son is, but we were quite lucky with ours. He slept through from about 5 weeks, and the only times he had restless nights, we knew he was going to be coming down with something – a sort of advance warning notice! Hope your brain is recovering nicely now…

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  2. Ah, yes, sleep. Our 2 year actually started sleeping through when we moved him from his cot into a real bed – maybe it had something to do with the bars!? And the little one (5 months old) has slept through since aged about 2 weeks.

    … not that I would hear them during the night anyway…

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  3. Hi!

    Hope you both recover well from the nightly bout of awakenessness.

    I’m still around, btw… just not as often as I wan to be.

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