Vuvuzela update

Sense has finally prevailed and FIFA has made its judgement on the ‘noisy’ vuvuzela issue which has been upsetting people who don’t want their South African football served with a side order of atmosphere.

FIFA have no plans to ban or stop fans from blowing noisy vuvuzelas at the Confederations Cup or next June when South Africa host the 2010 World Cup finals.
That was the word from FIFA president Sepp Blatter speaking at a special media briefing ahead of the crunch Confederations Cup Group A clash between Bafana and New Zealand at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium on Wednesday night.

In reply to a fed up journalist who complained about the “terrible noise” that the unique South African vuvuzelas make and suggested that they should be banned, the FIFA president smiled and said he agreed that the “trumpet” used by local fans was a noisy instrument.
“But,” he added, “That is what African and South Africa football is all about – noise, excitement, dancing, shouting and enjoyment. This is a celebration.”

Wow. Blatter talking complete sense. Incredible. He needs to chat to Julius. They can learn together.

Julius. Excited.

Of course, we still have some locals in denial over the actual World Cup – still under the impression that a Plan B or Plan C will come into effect and move it to Australia or England – so I think there may be some difficulties with getting the “Vuvuzelas are OK” message across.
But as I said in my earlier post on this issue, the vuvuzela is set to become the trademark of the World Cup next year. They were there when SA was awarded to World Cup in Zurich back in May 2004  and they will be blowing all the way to the final in July next year.

So if you don’t like them: sorry for you.

* along with a huge amount of over-reporting of any negative issue with a possible sensationalist angle.

22 thoughts on “Vuvuzela update

  1. I’m impressed that for the most part the crowd respects the national anthems and stops blowing while they play. I simply cant imagine a similar sentiment at an international rugby match (especially if played at Loftus)

  2. henno > I certainly don’t want a repeat of Germany.

    Andrew > Up at Loftus, the anthem has the longest intro ever.

    Rorschach > Haha. Great comment! 😀

  3. The only thing more annoying than the incessant drone of the vuvuzelas is the incessant drone of whinging, whiney white South Africans.

  4. Listening to Mike Wills on CapeTalk earlier tonight discussing the decibel levels of the vuvuzela: even at 16m away, it still exceeds the legally permissible volume for workplace safety (as do a bunch of female tennis players with their grunts and squeals, apparently).

    I’m with Rorschach on this, though – hate them, but wouldn’t think of banning them, as I suspect that far more people enjoy them than hate them. But if someone is blowing one right in my ear next June, my tolerance may be tested…
    .-= Jacques´s last blog ..Frontline Fellowship: Lying for Jesus =-.

  5. hank > heh heh!

    Lady Fi > Just heard tonight’s commentator describing them as being “like a swarm of noisy hornets”. But I much prefer Party Tooters. (is that some kind of drug?)

    Jacques > Ban vuvuzelas from SA footy, ban green jerseys from Springbok matches and ban tennis players from Wimbledon.
    Actually, I quite like two of those ideas.

  6. As a relatively regular Emirates attendee, I would love the home supporters to be making a constant noise to encourage their own side and attempt to intimidate the opposition.

    Home supporters are generally quiet for whatever reason.

    Any help in solving that conundrum should be welcomed, I think. It can only add to the atmosphere and entertainment.

    Years ago we used to have the rattle (so my dad told me…)

  7. Well it’s better than listening to the “England Barmy Army Band” Who belt out God Save the Queen and Come on England for 90 minutes! They’re a refreshing change. And this comes from someone who is deaf in one ear, and has tinitus, so he hears high pitches whining 24/7 😆
    .-= Wiggy´s last blog ..Bad day at work? =-.

  8. Do you think my neighbours will mind if I blow on my vuvuzela at 3am while watching the World Cup live next year…?

    Not to mention my wife and kids!
    .-= Delboy´s last blog ..Misfit mismatch =-.

  9. GaiB > I can almost remember rattles. But then, I was just a baby back then.

    Emil > Whereas next year, we’re going to win it.

    Wiggy > I don’t know – I like noise at football grounds. Not like the old Highbury Library. If you want peace and quiet, what are you doing watching a match with 70,000 passionate fans?

    Rashid > Have you been feeding amphetamines to the ducks again?

    Delboy > In a word, yes.

  10. Wiggy > Get ahead of the curve and buy your 6000 miles… branded vuvuzela in advance!

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. Now there’s a thought!

  11. Wiggy > Alright, alright – give me a chance!

    You can pay by cold, hard cash and shipping will be rather expensive, I would imagine!

  12. Branded vuvus are a surprisingly inexpensive… drop me an email and I will forward you the details.

  13. Just watched Brazil v Italy from Pretoria. Lots of background noise.

    Wife asked if it was a game from Holland given the incessant trumpet-type noise.

    What, pray, is the fuss about? There’s been noise like that in football grounds for a long time.

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