Video test post

I’ve been having a few issues with videos. This post will test three different options for putting youtube videos into a blog post.
It really shouldn’t be too difficult.

Method 1.
The one I’ve been using for years.

Method 2.
The one that WordPress says should work.

Method 3.
The one that seemed to work on this post.

UPDATE: For me, only (3) is working in Chrome. (1) and (3) working in Firefox.
Anyone else?
Colour me confused.

7 thoughts on “Video test post

  1. Method 1 and 3 working with Apple iPad linking through Facebook but I rarely look at videos.

  2. Only 3 (using chrome). I usually embed my youtube videos by copying the embed code from YouTube.and pasting into the content editor (code view).

  3. WordPress are wrong (on an iPad and iPhone). Also, since you became Grolsch bottles on my iPhone, the italics above is written on top of the text below.

  4. Craig Lotter > Thanks. (3) is working for everyone, but WP seems to be ignoring the sizing I applied to it. So, not perfect.

    Dr F > I wish I understood more about this. But I don’t, so there you go. I am also Grolsch bottles on my Android phone. And I have no idea why. Just another problem to sort out. Good job I get paid the big bucks for doing this.

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