A busy day today, including (but not limited to) waking up with no electricity (and therefore no coffee), lying on a sunlounger three times and being jumped on by a beagle (also three times), taking the boy to the doctor for a Dodgeball injury, a nice family curry, a school event and a guy coming around to look at our windows.

It’s all too much.

So let me show you this from the internet. It’s from, I hasten to add, a site that I never visit: I saw this shared elsewhere. I only know one person that frequents this site, and the more I see stuff like this:

…the more I wonder why. You know who you are. We’ve discussed this. Save yourself now.

Perhaps we need an intervention.

How utterly mundane. Is this how low we have stooped as a society, that this crap passes as somehow newsworthy or entertaining? Man does thing. Or rather, in this case, Man does thing while also doing other thing. Even if both those things are very dull, I suppose that makes it ever so slightly more exciting. But for me, this just shows how completely vacuous internet culture, celebrity culture and (more especially) internet celebrity culture has become.

I’d even rather listen to Putin’s unsavoury sabre rattling.

“President threatens nuclear attacks while losing conflict”

No, actually on second thoughts, that is much worse. Never mind.