Using a 108 Year Old World War 1 Lens

One of those Youtube videos that makes you stop and think. I initially watched it because I was interested in the technical aspects of attaching a 108 year old lens to a modern digital camera, but actually that bit was overlooked almost completely, and I was drawn instead by the history, the storytelling and the powerful images that they managed to create in the video.

Absolutely worth 5 minutes and 20 seconds of your day.

Not much more to add to this – the video itself does most of the talking – but I will say that while there are many places on Youtube that are horrifically puerile and unsophisticated, I’m (thankfully) finding more and more channels with great ideas, telling interesting stories, and with really high quality production values. And because of these discoveries, I’m learning more, I’m enjoying the site far more, and I’m using it more too.

Is this finally the thing they call “growing up”?!?