My laptop is (at least) 8 years old and while it was a very decent laptop 8 years ago, software has moved on since then, and it hasn’t. Thus, it is having a few problems coping. The biggest issue was the heavy demands of Lightroom and Photoshop, which also happen to be the two programs I use most on there. The fancy AI denoise tool is far too much for it, and despite promising me a result in 12 minutes, it invariably failed: “falling over” some way through the process. “Falling over” is the whimsical way that computer people describe it breaking down, the whimsy designed to take your mind off the fact that you can’t actually use the tool because your laptop doesn’t work.

And so, a combination of birthday and Christmas gifts has arrived. An HP Victus laptop with souped up memory and hard drive. I now have more RAMs than a particularly successful sheep farmer, and a super smart, brand new edition graphics card and processor which should see me through (at least) the next 8 years.

Of course, once all set up, there was still the acid test: could it AI denoise a photo on which the old one had failed? It’s clearly a complicated and demanding process, and so I warned the assembled crowd (two people and beagle) that once I clicked the button, it would probably say about 10 minutes, but if it did it in 10 minutes, that was a win.

We all held our breath, and I clicked the button.

9 seconds.


Nine seconds.

Oh my. This is going to be an absolute game changer for photo editing.