My new favourite Instagram account (apart from my own Instagram account, durr!) is this one: Unspirational.

When browsing Instagram, I don’t see a lot of landscapes ruined by pithy “inspirational” quotes, because I carefully choose to follow people who carefully choose not to post landscapes ruined by pithy “inspirational” quotes.

It’s not rocket science.

Still, I am aware of the LRBP”I”Q phenomenon, so it’s nice that someone has come up with an antithesis to it. And the best bit (for me) is that a lot of these un(in)spirational are loosely based around well-known “inspirational” quotes. Clever.

Many are full of good advice:

Plenty more where that came from – so click through on the link above and be generally anti-social, miserable (but actually rather amused) just like me.

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