Unpublished letters to the Telegraph

Here’s a taster from “Imagine My Surprise…”, a collection of the best unpublished letters to the Daily Telegraph throughout 2012.

The letters include a 68 year old husband who describes the fact that the Telegraph published news that 67 per cent of women over 80 are sexually active and that most achieve orgasm as “devastating news”, a man who can’t see the attraction of Pippa Middleton, claiming that he sees “better-looking girls in the queue for Greggs in Walsall” and a correspondent with a simple question: “Am I alone in thinking that Jeremy Paxman looks like a Proboscis monkey?”

Click the link and go read the rest. For us Brits with our dry sense of humour, it’s an ideal Christmas pressie.

Imagine My Surprise…: Unpublished Letters to The Daily Telegraph by Iain Hollingshead is available from Amazon.co.uk

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