The day off was unplanned, but welcome. Once I knew it was going to happen, I made lots of plans, the principal one amongst them involving two of my most favourite things: my Mavic and a lighthouse. Ka, as they so rightly put it, boom.

What I actually ended up doing instead was standing in a large warehouse building in Stikland as the temperature approached 40ºC.
Things had obviously gone badly wrong with the plan. My Mavic was 32km away and the nearest lighthouse was (I’m guessing, anyway) at Woodbridge Island – dangerously close to (Uns)Table View.

The warehouse in question was the Police Vehicle Clearance Centre, somewhere I needed to be because we had a vehicle that required clearance by the police. Bureaucracy and red tape never go smoothly, are often frustrating, and are generally a whole lot less enjoyable than flying your Mavic around a lighthouse, and so it proved today.

Still, needs must, and as long as I didn’t think too hard about where I could have been and what I could have been doing, the weeping was kept to a minimum. And there were more positives, because with that mammoth task out of the way, I could move on to other massively important things, like buying some velcro and taking that crappy pedestal fan back to Builders Whorehouse.

These are the bits that Casey Neistat never shares. He buys velcro too. He stands in queues to get forms stamped (although admittedly probably not in Stikland). He just never tells you about it.
Honesty, ne? Appreciate it.

Now though, with the sea breeze blowing just ever so slightly too hard for my videography requirements, I am home, and while I should be working on some writing, I’m eating a mango, drinking a damn fine Bloody Mary and blogging.

It’s strange how these things work out, hey?

The lighthouse and the Mavic will be available another day.
Another day soon, I hope.

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