Underground plans

‘Turn Circle Line into giant travelator’, says NBBJ


The firm says that its concept could help reduce travel delays and provide a more pleasant environment for commuters.
The proposal would see commuters step between three adjacent walkways running at different speeds, starting at 3mph and rising to 15mph.
A statement from the firm said: ‘When added to an average walking pace of 3mph, pedestrians would actually move faster on foot than today’s Circle Line trains, which must stop for boarding at each station.

But they’d be on foot.


“The result would be considerably quicker, more enjoyable and healthier journeys.”

Quicker? Possibly.
Healthier? Maybe.
More enjoyable? No. Not even a little bit. What on earth are you thinking?

Seriously, where can I get a job in which I get paid good money simply by coming up with absolutely ridiculous ideas loosely based around stuff we use every day? Because I think that I might be rather good at it.

How about a travel system getting you from Cape Town to Stellenbosch in record time, by trebuchet (would require huge pillow near Paarl), for example?
Or, a rival to Wumdrop, but using beagles? (You might get your stuff eventually, but it’ll be horribly chewed and actually, you won’t get your stuff.)

Both about as useful and plausible as NBBJ’s ridiculous flat escalator plan, above.

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