Under pressure

Life is full of questions, but I think amongst the biggest of them today is:

How have I managed so long in my life without a pressure washer?

The patio needed cleaning, and I looked at the hiring options for a pressure washer, but there were a couple of issues. Firstly, it was quite expensive, and secondly, it did far more than I needed.
Overkill. Money for nothing.

“Powerful enough to take the skin off an eland!”

boasted the blurb, but my eland is quite happy – and a whole lot less messy – with its skin on.

So when I saw that there was a reasonable, domestic-sized pressure washer on sale – to keep – for just over the price of two days hire, I thought I’d go for it.

What an amazing decision.

Blasting things clean; removing that layer of previously impenetrable dirt and renewing stuff: it’s such a deeply cathartic process. It’s a bit like when you pretend that the wood going onto the braai is the bones of your enemies [Is alles oraait byrie hys? – Ed.]. Quite literally a cleansing experience. And the patio is a whole different colour to what we saw when we bought (and lived in) the house. Not necessarily a nicer colour, but that’s not the pressure washer’s fault.

Anyway, can’t stop: so much more pressure washing to be done before tonight’s sacrificial braai.

And then there’s the car to wash…

OMG: Cannot! Wait!