Uncle Paul’s Christmas Party

We went, we got covered in hay, we survived. And the boy, who we expected to be asleep by 8 o’clock was still throwing himself from an alarming height into huge piles of hay gone 10pm. I can’t remember ever seeing him so excited and happy. It was wonderful to watch.

Getting any decent photos from quite difficult because of the low light, the (usually rapidly) moving subjects and the huge amount of dust in the air from the hay fights, which was picked out whenever I used the flash. Still – I did my best (including several (or more) point and shoot efforts for the folks back home) and the results are here.

7 thoughts on “Uncle Paul’s Christmas Party

  1. Sounds quite like Uncle Jumbo’s in PE! Which I am sure I will be attending in about 3 – 4 years time….. Last time I went was about 30 years ago!

  2. Tara > Made me wish we had something like that as a kid. Very special for the little ones. And yes – been going since 1956, apparently.

    Pamela > Sounds about right. Kids can go from age 3 – 8. Which means, thanks to having little K-pu as well and the overlap that ensues, that’s the next 11 years for us. No worries – it was fun.

  3. Phew, glad to see that I don’t have to become reclusive!! Then again, I would be surprised if “the photo” had made it through round one of your selection process. Still, bit disappointed the “beeg eyes” never made the cut.

  4. Robyn > I can always add both! Didn’t think you’d want “the photo” on there and I’m always wary of putting pics of other people’s kids on flickr. But the Beeg Eyes one was sweet. Watch this space.
    Or that space.
    You know what I mean.

  5. Hi there

    Its great to see you speaking about Rotaract Club of Wynberg’s main project; Uncle Paul’s. The party has been going for 56 year on volunteer support. No crew members are paid nor does the farm. We hope to continue as long as we have support from the community as well as the farm. Please do write thank you letters to Groot Constantia too for allowing us the land for free as part of the community service. We are there as long as we can be. To the fact about photo’s, we’ve tried to get good photo’s with strong camera’s, i think its a place you have to come visit and see!

    Please keep up the support for UP 2010

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