u wot, m8?

I have never been a fan of anything corporate: the environment, the attitudes, the politics, the people. But central to all of these things is the corporate language: the verbiage, the jargon and the phrases, which are always deliberately confusing and whose use is often fleeting.

It’s all so unnecessary and it’s basically a show of (alleged, assumed) power.

Scientists, Engineers, Lawyers and, most of all, Medical Doctors have been using unnecessary terminology to maintain their lofty positions in society for years. I hate it. 

For me, it certainly sends a message, but probably not the one they are intending.

There are always examples of this, but how about this spectacular effort for utterly verbose nonsense?

First off, “lense” isn’t a word. The word you are looking for is “lens”. Sloppy.

I know what I’d like to leverage you off, mate: it’s the edge of the nearest cliff, thus geo-sensitising you to the pointy rocks far below, and therefore “creating discomfort”.

This is an absolute abomination. Samuel Johnson must be spinning in his grave at what looks like the result of a particularly mischievous gibbon running amok with a thesaurus.

Do better. Or better still, stop doing altogether.