People put the weirdest things on the internet. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Often, either way, it’s on tumblr. Here are a few that could fall into either category.

Who Rang My Doorbell?

I wired up some automation such that a webcam takes a picture of whomever rings my doorbell.

He did. The result is a number of uninteresting, slightly out of focus photos of uninteresting, slightly out of focus people.


Kim at the museum

Man holds up photos of Kim Kardashian in front of artwork.

Some of these are quite good. Most, not so much.



Photos Arranged Side-by-Side to Create Clever Scenes

Yeah. This is pretty clever stuff.

tumblr_nq9zu0NZoc1s6ziw6o1_1280See? It’s half a photo of an aerosol can and half a photo of a fire hydrant. Clever, ne?

Drunk Furniture

Upholstrred, mate. Abslertly uppholsted.

Furniture in unusual places, doing unusual stuff. Drunk.


Very good. Please leave any other suggestions in the extensive comments section below. Ta.

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