Try Me I’m New

Because my most important reader is me.
And also because some people aren’t on twitter (my end of which has gone a bit crazy since I posted this earlier today).

This photo:


Which stomach-churningly combines two of the staples of South African cookery into one handy-to-braai sausage casing.
At what point did someone actually stop whatever they were doing and consider putting pap and wors into a single sausage unit? And then go and do it? And then, having examined the visually-disturbing result, decide that putting it on sale would be a good thing to do?
Have Pick n Pay lost the plot? What are they smoking in that butchery there?

Try me I’m new, it entices.

No thanks. Really. No.

15 thoughts on “Try Me I’m New

  1. Dee > It’s all good until you see it for real.

    Pamela > Across the country, millions of people without morning sickness now have morning sickness.

    Rob > Not even a leetle beet?

    Herman > Sure, but look at what else they get up to in Welkom…

    Alet > You… wouldn’t. Right?

    HH > I know you’re getting on a bit, but you could stop acting like you’re getting on a bit. 😉 Prices go up. Fact of life, I’m afraid.

    Ant > I don’t know? Where are you looking? At the picture? In that case, it’s PAP:

  2. Hey, life begins at 40, pip squeak… but only ‘cos your short term memory is the first thing to go! 😀

    Seriously though – have I been gone that long that three pap ‘n wors “dingies” cost nearly R20? Granted, I have no idea what the prices are like there – last time I went shopping in Pick ‘n Pay was in 2003, and I remember being relieved I was spending pounds. I pay about £2.50 for six ‘Tesco Finest’ pork ‘n chilli sausages, with not a grain of pap in sight!
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..Brain Drain =-.

  3. R49.95 a kilo is a bit steep – especially since it’s only 50% sausage.

    Oh, and Pink n Pay will put *anything* in sausage for you – just ask.

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