It’s been a very busy weekend. I’ve been doing some rudimentary calculations and it seems that I could have watched about 19 hours of live football over the two days. However, by some unfortunate twist(s) of fate, all I managed to see was the last 15 minutes of Liverpool v Newcastle, including another dodgy red card.

So busy, yes, but that’s not to say that it wasn’t fun. Birthday parties, braais, sleepovers and the highlight for us, the unveiling of an early Christmas present for the kids – a treehouse.

Here they are, on it as soon as they were allowed this morning (we like to consider our neighbours, see?).

This picture makes it look like our back garden is a forest, which obviously, it’s not. It’s a garden. But the treehouse is – rightly – a huge hit. It’s close enough to be safe, hidden enough to be “secret” and features a cleverly designed rope web which acts as a comfy seat for relaxing with a book and which has already seen extensive action. Already, it has been a castle, a fire engine and a streetlight fixing crane. Not bad for its first 24 hours.

In addition, because of this recent installation, I have been constantly humming a song featuring the word “treehouse” by these guys and I will be sharing that at some point in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Treehouse

  1. That looks like great fun and it’s just what imaginative kids need. ‘Saswell you’re in ZA, though; here in the UQ you’d have the elfinsafety jobsworths after you in case the little ones got a splinter.

  2. The Jannie > And yet, see the Fireworks post for a complete reversal of the H&S “Nanny State” rules and regulations.

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