Travel time

Commitments in places that aren’t Cape Town mean that I’m not around to blog today. But never fear: I saw this situation arising some time ago and I have pre-prepared a pre-prepared post for you.

(Before you get too excited and thankful, it’s not very good)

Since I’m travelling today, I thought we might do something geographical, so herewith the wikipedia page of the Extreme Points of Earth.

It tells you interesting things like where Point Nemo (so called because people are always trying to find it) (possibly, anyway):

The Pacific pole of inaccessibility (also called Point Nemo), the point in the ocean farthest from any land, lies in the South Pacific Ocean at 48°52.6?S 123°23.6?W, which is approximately 2,688 km (1,670 mi) from the nearest land (equidistant from Ducie Island in the Pitcairn Islands to the north, Maher Island off Siple Island near Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica, to the south and Motu Nui off Rapa Nui in the north east).

I’m not going anywhere near Point Nemo. Unless things all go a bit MH370.


The most remote airport in the world from another airport is Mataveri International Airport (IPC) on Easter Island, which has a single runway for military and public use. It is located 2,603 km (1,617 mi) from Totegegie Airport (GMR; very few flights) in the Gambier Islands, French Polynesia and 3,759 km (2,336 mi) from Santiago, Chile (SCL; a fairly large airport).

I’m not going anywhere near there either.

All in all, it’s pubquiztastic stuff though. So get learning, because I’ll be organising a test just as soon as I am back.

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