The boy and the girl are currently studying at different campuses at their school. This means dropping one off first (the boy, because he starts earlier and it’s conveniently geographically more sensible too) and then the other (you should have worked out whom and the reasons why from the clues above).

The boy isn’t fond of music in the car, so while he’s around, we chat about school, plans for the day ahead, the traffic, the mountain, or whatever else takes our fancy. However, no sooner has he exited the vehicle, I get the call from the back to “Hit the music button!” and the remaining occupants of the car (there are two of us) indulge ourselves in whatever is next on the iPod.

This morning, it was this:

What a tune.

You may also remember Suede from such hits as Stay Together.

It’s not a long way between campuses. A song and a bit, generally. And because of that, the random nature of the “Hit the music button!” policy has backfired a couple of times, perhaps most notably when we’d enjoyed some very agreeable Erasure on the way down to the other site, only to become distracted as the song finished and the next one started and the loud bit of Slipknot’s Wait And Bleed kicked in right as the head of KeyStage 1 opened the car door to let my daughter out.

Now, I maintain that there’s a time and a place for Slipknot, but I’m fully willing to admit that it’s probably just not at 7:40 on a grey Thursday morning, right next to a school playground filled with 5 and 6 year olds. Awkward.

We’re more careful these days.

So, dear listener, what would happen if you were to “Hit the music button”, right now? You next two random iPod* (*other mp3 players are available) songs in the comments section below, please.
You will be judged by me on the first, and – as described above – potentially by the local teaching staff on the second.

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