Transition Day

We’ve quickly discovered that the ±25 hour door-to-door trip from Sheffield to Cape Town can be a little bit draining. Thus, while no-one wants to waste a day with friends and family, a ‘transition day’ between the time we get back and the time that we have to do stuff (work,  school, extra murals etc etc) is actually a very good idea.

This “extra” Women’s Day (the new public holiday to hate) (trash talking Heritage Day is sooooo 2013, dahling) fitted the bill perfectly, allowing us to sleep in a bit, sort the washing, do the shopping, polish the beagle, and then reacquaint ourselves with that South African tradition of having a braai.

You can’t immediately leave the UK behind though; such severance would be extremely harsh and possibly even a little dangerous. A little English culture is called for and so it’s a touch of West Brom versus Manchester City and a glass of Marlon for me this evening.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

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